How to Use a Hand Powered Mower


Hand-powered mowers have been making a comeback for a number of reasons. Some lawn owners choose them in order to reduce emissions and be more eco-friendly. Others opt for hand-powered mowers because they are quiet and allow them to mow in the wee hours in the morning. Still others simply prefer the nostalgia of mowing the way they remembered doing so when they were growing up. Whatever your reason for choosing a hand powered mower, you will find it easy to operate and just as effective as its gas powered counterpart.

Step 1

Clear the yard of any debris or weeds.

Step 2

Set the height of the cutter bar with the cutter bar lever. On most models of hand powered mowers, this lever is located somewhere on the handle of your lawn mower. If you are unsure of where to locate it, refer to your owner's manual. The cutter bar's height should be high enough to cut no more than the top third of your yard. Run the mower over a few feet of your yard to make sure that you have set the correct height before moving on.

Step 3

Start in one corner of your yard. Walk behind the mower at a leisurely pace while moving in a straight line directly across the lawn.

Step 4

Make the adjacent row. The next row should overlap the first by 2 to 3 inches to ensure an even cut.

Step 5

Continue to make rows across your yard until you have cut all of the grass. You will only need to make one pass.


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