Fun Fruit Arrangements

With the wide range of colors and textures, fruit is versatile and looks great in many forms. Keep the fruit whole and mix various shades for a colorful and bright arrangement. Slice the fruit up for a fragrant and unexpected touch to an arrangement or combine the fruit with fresh flower blooms for a gorgeous yet simple design.

Fruit and Flowers

Combine fresh blooms with fruit for flower arrangements that will have everyone commenting on the colorful combination. Small citrus fruits such as lemons and limes add bold colors and sweet scents to the design. Bright red cranberries coupled with fresh red roses look lovely along a dining table. To add a fun and festive touch to a simple bouquet of flowers, fill the bottom of the base with cut fruit. Watch how the visible segments of the fruit add a decorative and unexpected touch to the arrangement.

Fruit and Greenery

Nothing smells better than fresh fruit and the smell of the outdoors. This also is true when you combine vibrant fruit with green and fragrant greenery. Bright and colorful fruits such as oranges, berries and lemons provide contrast to the deep green shades of foliage. Sprigs of holly, juniper or your favorite garden greenery complement the fruit for a well-balanced arrangement. Set the colorful mix inside a glass vase for a cheerful decoration.

Fruit Centerpiece

Create a simple centerpiece using bright red pomegranates mixed with fragrant meyer lemons. Fresh fruit such as pomegranates are ideal for creating a sturdy bottom to any arrangement. This delectable fruit arrangement looks lovely inside a wooden bowl or silver display stand. They also bring in their rich crimson color that contrasts nicely with citrus fruit. For an added decorative touch, use the pomegranate to create place settings for each person at a dinner party. Write their name or initials on the fruit with a decorative pen.

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