Purple Iris Growth


Irises come in many colors, but the rich purple iris produces a stunning effect in the garden with a sharp color contrast against green foliage. As like any colored iris, the flower stems grow from the base of the plant and produce spectacular flowers that dazzle garden-gazers. Even King Louis VII of France was inspired by the beautiful purple iris and its blooms to adopt the purple iris as a symbol of the royal house and insignia.

Bearded Irises

Bearded irises come in shades of purple and in nearly every hue of the rainbow. The type of bearded iris, rather than the color, is an indicator of size growth. Bearded irises grow from branching root stems called rhizomes.

Purple Bearded Irises and Heights

The bearded standard dwarf irises "Violet Lulu" (a soft violet color) and "Jewel Baby" (a deep purple) grow to 8 to 15 inches. The bearded border iris "Ultra Echo' (a lavender with violet color) grows to 16 to 27 inches. The bearded tall irises "Darkside" (purple), "Silver Fizz" (orchid), "Venus and Mars" (violet), "Eternal Bliss" (violet with tangerine falls), "Late Lilac" (lilac), and "Violet Music" (violet) grow to 28 to 38 inches.

Reticulata Irises

Reticulata irises grow from true bulbs rather than from rhizomes. They bloom in many colors, including lavender and violet-purple. Reticulata irises grow to only 3 to 8 inches tall.

Purple Reticulata Irises and Heights

The Reticulata irises "George" (a rich purple color) and "Pauline" (a dark purple) grow to be only 5 inches tall.

Dutch Irises

Dutch irises grow from true bulbs rather than from rhizomes. They flower in many hues, including purple and violet.

Purple Dutch Irises and Heights

The Dutch irises "Paris" (dark blue-purple with yellow specks) and "Prof. Blaauw" (blue-purple with a yellow crest) grow up to 30 inches high.


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