Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers

There are thousands of flowering plants a gardener can choose from when landscaping. Some are fragrant while others are showy and at times even odd-looking. The vast array of plant types can be confusing when planning a new garden or looking for a houseplant. Consider some flowers that are widely considered among the most beautiful.


Midsummer pruning after blooming has stopped is recommended, as weigela blooms on new growth. Weigela blooms with white, red and pink blossoms in varying shades. Some plants sport variegated leaves. The growth habit is weeping and informal. Weigela requires well-drained soil. When planting, the hole should be prepared with plenty of organic matter, and keep weigela watered well the first two seasons until it has established itself. Weigela is attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Hardy Fuchsia

Hardy fuchsias prefer nutrient rich, well-drained, moist soil and protection from the hottest part of the day. Prune hardy fuchsias in mid- to- late April when new growth sprouts; do not prune too late in the year as when pruned this late they may be adversely affected by cold weather.


Trillium offer blossoms of maroon, red, white and yellow. Their fragrance is a mix of floral and citrus that wafts through the garden like gardenia. Their foliage can be mottled with green and purple and make an excellent informal ground cover. Provide trillium with well-drained moist soil rich in organic matter. They will grow in shade, partial shade and full sun. If growing in full sun it is vital that the plants are well mulched.

Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets require well-drained soil and do best in full sun. Once established bluebonnets are drought tolerant, keep seeds and seedlings well watered but never soggy. Pink, white and red bluebonnet varieties are also available for purchase. Bluebonnets make a good groundcover for naturalizing.


One of the most popular garden plants, roses come in several forms, shapes and colors. Roses prefer well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter and regular watering. Full sun produces the best blooms and good air circulation keeps the plant from developing fungal disorders. Pruning off faded blossoms and removing growing sucker limbs encourages bushing and better flushes of blossoms. Roses come in shades of yellow, pink, purple, white, cream, red and nearly black with several variations of shades in between.

Shooting Stars

Shooting stars area ground-hugging perennial whose blooms resemble falling stars. This flower grows well in bog gardens or other areas where the soil is moist. Shooting stars comes in shades of pink or lavender with yellow or white accents.

Passionflower Vines

Passionflower vine blossoms are exotic and showy. Some forms of this plant produce edible fruits that are considered a delicacy in certain areas of the world. Passionflower vines like well-drained soil with organic matter worked into it. Providing plenty of sun and pinching young plants promotes many blooms and a bushier vine.


Tuberose requires a loamy, well-drained soil rich in organic matter in order to grow at its best. Providing full sun promotes the best blooms. During active growth, a flowering bulb fertilizer may be helpful. Tuberose blooms from late summer, fall and in some cases even winter.

Orchid Cattleya

Orchids are tropical perennials commonly sold as houseplants. They require a special orchid soil that can be purchased at most garden centers. Cattleya orchids require medium shade and 80 percent humidity in order to thrive. Setting potted orchids on shallow trays filled with water and pebbles will increase humidity. It is important that the water is not allowed to enter the pot. Re-pot very second year.


Plumerias require well-drained soil and full sun in order to grow their best. A 10-50-10 fertilizer will promote more of the plant's fragrant blooms. Pinch back the growing tips to encourage branching and better blooms. Cuttings from pruning can be rooted to make more plants. Plumeria have many colors ranging from yellow, white, pink and even a mix of these colors on the same blossom.

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