How to Winterize Pond Liners


A backyard pond adds a relaxing element to your landscaping while also attracting wildlife to your yard. During the spring and summer months it is teaming with life, but once the weather begins cooling down in fall it is time to think of winterizing the pond. Pond liners are made of preformed plastic of differing thicknesses. The thicker the liner, the longer it will last. Proper winter care also helps ensure your pond liner doesn't crack and continues to function for many years.

Step 1

Clean out the pond of annual plants and tender perennials. Compost the annual plants and move the perennials indoors for the duration of winter.

Step 2

Remove any debris from the pond, including dead plants or fallen leaves. Skim everything from the surface of the water with a pond skimmer and scoop out any debris that have sunken to the bottom of the pond.

Step 3

Place a pond heater in the pond if you have fish in it. The heater will come on when the water temperature drops below freezing. Move the pond filter so it sits beneath the water surface so it does not freeze up during winter. The heat from the heater will prevent damage to the pond liner as the water won't freeze.

Step 4

Drain the pond completely if there are no fish overwintering in it. Move the outtake hose on the filter from the water and place it in a bucket or in a nearby garden bed. The water pumps out of the pond this way. Turn off the filter once all the water in removed or the filter motor may break.

Step 5

Inspect the pond in spring for any signs of damage prior to refilling. Refill the pond in spring once the soil has completely thawed out around the pond.

Things You'll Need

  • Pond skimmer
  • Pond heater
  • Water filter


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