How to Use Frozen Fruit


Frozen fruits, either those you preserved yourself or purchased from the store, do not have the same texture as fresh fruits. They are also often sweeter if they were frozen in syrup or have added sugar. While frozen fruit can be eaten raw after thawing, it is often better to serve it as part of a dish to disguise the softer texture. Thaw the fruit properly before use to improve the texture and ensure it doesn't become contaminated with bacteria that causes illness.

Step 1

Remove the fruit from the freezer prior to use, planning for six to eight hours thawing time per pound . Thaw in the refrigerator, leaving it in its sealed package while thawing. Turn it two to three times while thawing to encourage even thawing.

Step 2

Serve thawed frozen fruit raw as soon as it thaws. Leaving it slightly frozen improves the texture when eating it raw.

Step 3

Add thawed or partially thawed frozen fruit to recipes that call for fresh fruit, using them the same way as you would the fresh counterpart. Use in recipes for sauces, pies cobblers and other cooked dishes.

Step 4

Drain the frozen fruit in a strainer that is placed over a bowl if using it in baked goods such as fruit breads or cakes. Replace up to one half of the liquid called for in the recipe with the juice drained from the frozen fruits.

Step 5

Use crushed frozen fruits as a topping or filling for baked goods or ice cream. Puree whole thawed fruit in the blender and use the same as crushed fruit.

Tips and Warnings

  • Frozen fruits are juicier than fresh fruits. Adjust the liquid in recipes as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Fruit
  • Strainer
  • Blender


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