The Best Home Garden Fountains

Create the soothing sounds of water around your outdoor landscape by adding a garden fountain. Surround the garden fountains with plants and flowers for a lush and inviting garden design. Use the front yard space to create a fountain focal point that welcomes you home with the soothing sounds of water. Enjoy watching your fountain from the confines of your home or outside in your garden.

Small-Scale Feature

Whether your home garden is small or large, a small-scale feature can be tucked into any size garden for a spectacular addition to the landscape. Use the fountain inside a perennial garden to attract butterflies and other colorful insects. Nestle the fountain along a secluded patio to enjoy while relaxing outside among your garden. Small-scale features are also ideal because as the garden grows, the fountain can be moved around to accommodate the growing garden.

Pot Fountain

Bring the soft sounds of water to your home garden using a pot fountain. These fountains are simple to build and are an ideal way to keep costs down. To build a pot fountain, bring in two glazed ceramic pots, one large and one small. The smaller of the two pots fits tightly into the larger pot and creates a shallow bowl for catching the water. The large pot holds the smaller pot and has a built-in pump that circulates the water up and over the rim. Below the pot fountain, add a layer of stones like slate or flagstone. As the water cascades over the pots, watch as water creates a glistening design over the rocks.

Rock Fountain

Use a sloped yard or steep bank to create a rock garden fountain. Listen to the water trickle down your makeshift creek. Use pebbles and stones along the slope to create the rock fountain. The dark rocks will collect the water in their pools below for a stunning outdoor feature. Along the edges of the fountain, plant blooms to contrast with the rocks and add color to the garden.This magnificent fountain is sure to be the focal point in your home garden.

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