Free Perennial Landscaping Ideas

Long-lived and low-maintenance best describes the ever-vibrant perennial. Their unfussy and beautiful foliage shoots up every year for a warm and cheerful welcome to the garden. Tuck them along a garden wall or fence to create a colorful contrast to the space. Perennials come in a wide range of colors, textures, heights and shapes, making them a versatile must to any outdoor landscape.

Flower Border

Create a stunning and low-maintenance flower border with perennials. With their hardy blooms and wide range of colors, perennials are the ideal way to amp up the front of a home. To create the perennial border, plant larger perennials such as yellow coneflower and daylilies in the back of the bed. These blooms will create a colorful backdrop to the border. Along the front flower border, plant vibrant perennials such as purple iris. Add a low-growing perennial such as phlox to creep around the front of the bed with its mound-like shape. Don't forget to add a creeper such as sedum to bring in a bright burst of lime green to weave around the border.

Shady Perennials

Encircle trees and bushes with shade-loving perennials. Add a bright burst of color using lily-of-the-valley around a shade tree to create a colorful contrast to the landscape. A green border of hostas along a shady side of the home will help fill in bare areas with their vibrant green foliage. Mix variegated hostas for an unexpected touch to the landscape. Hellebores, another shade craving perennial, is a fast-grower and loves to spread throughout shady spots. Use these lovely blooms in a shady corner of your yard or along the eaves of a home for a lush design.

Perennial Path

Add mixed perennials along a garden path for an inviting design. Plant light and fluffy ornamental grasses to bring height and texture to the space. In between the ornamentals, add fragrant lavender plants for their elegant purple blooms. Sprinkle in the ever-vibrant black-eyed Susan for bright bursts of yellow along the path. Ground covers such as blue star creeper complement the lavender blooms and help fill out the edges of the landscape. Watch as the blue star creates small tufts of flower blooms for an elegant and colorful perennial path.

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