Fruit Plate Birthday Ideas

Two things are predictable about birthdays: we get a year older, and we will get the requisite birthday cake presented at the end of a party. This year, change it up. Whether you're having a theme party, a milestone party or just a regular birthday party, you can bring life to the party with a fruit plate piled high with fresh, healthy fruit.

Kids' Parties

For a child's party, make the fruit plate as whimsical as possible. Use a deep, flat-bottomed clear bowl for the base. Use miniature cookie cutters to cut fruit slices into shapes. If the party is for a preschooler, be sure to cut grapes in half to avoid choking hazards. Serve a smaller bowl to the birthday child, and use banana rounds to support birthday candles. Give each child a few popsicle sticks to spear their fruit into fruit kebabs.

Mexican Fiesta Theme Birthday Party

A Mexican fiesta-themed birthday party needs brightly-colored decorations. Make the fruit platter match the decor, by using fruits of all different colors. Include pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi, coconut, and red and green apples. Have two side dishes: one filled with lime wedges, and one filled with chili powder (and a spoon to serve). In Mexican culture, fruit is often enjoyed drizzled in limed juice, and sprinkled with chili powder.

Milestone Birthday Party

For a milestone birthday (16, 18, 21, and decade birthdays), create a one-of-kind birthday fruit plate. Use a large platter, and cover with chunks of fruit. Arrange it in lines, concentric circles, or in a haphazard, random manner. Get pineapples, cantaloupes or watermelons and carefully carve the rind away from the flesh. Use a small, sharp knife to carve 3D numbers out of the fruits' flesh. Place the fruit numbers in the middle of the pile of fruit. Garnish with mint leaves. Use tall, thin sparkly candles to complete the birthday look.

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