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Planters and flower pots serve as a functional home for use inside and outside the home. These containers also contribute to the design elements used in floral and plant displays. Planters and flower pots become the primary home for any number of plants available to the gardener. Larger pots work beautifully as container gardens with a wide variety of flowers or herbs. Smaller pots can decorate outdoor tables or hang from brackets to decorate the outdoor living space.


Planters and flower pots have become an important part of the home landscape. Containers add gardening space to the property by bringing the garden immediately into the outdoor living space. Planters serve as large container gardens for herbs or vegetables. Some gardeners create large container gardens filled with a variety of flowering and foliage annual plants. Flower pots range in size from a few inches to huge containers that can't be moved after being filled with plants.


Any gardening container must have a few essential parts to encourage plant success. Drainage holes must be placed at regular intervals along the bottom of the pot. Spacing should allow for the free flow of water out the bottom of the planter or flower pot. The number of holes depends on the plant pot or planter. For example, a one-gallon pot should have four drainage holes to allow free water movement through the pot. Some planters and flower pots also have attached drainage trays to hold water for future absorption up through the bottom of the plant. All containers must have drainage holes to be used for a live plant.


Planters and pots provide a long-lasting decorative accent for use in outdoor living areas. Choose flower pots to match outdoor furniture or to complement a floral display. Planters and flower pots come in a wide variety of materials. The most common materials used in home gardens include plastic, wood and terra cotta.


Flower pots don't need to be a traditional planter that houses a single plant. Gardener's have gotten quite inventive in creating plant pots out of literally every container imaginable. Empty claw foot tubs, half barrels, watering cans, empty coffee cans, mesh or straw baskets can be converted for use as a flower pot or planter.


Flower pots and planters can be placed anywhere in the landscape. Pots add height to the garden so consider placing planters right into the garden bed to increase vertical interest. Flower pots and planters can be used to decorate railings, steps and secluded corners of a deck. Planters and flower pots also work beautifully suspended from plant hangers or brackets as decorative accents on fence posts, pillars or railings.

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