Pergola Ideas for Odd Rooflines

Just because the roofline is slanted or slightly off doesn't mean you can't have an inviting pergola. To help camouflage the roofline, use lush and thick foliage for a vibrant addition to the space. Add decorative elements like a string of outdoor lights or paper lanterns to bring in a warm glow to the space and help create a cozy environment, despite the oddly-shaped structure.


Cover up the odd roofline with a creeping vine like bougainvillea or wisteria. These vigorous growers have thick foliage to help disguise an oddly-shaped roof while brining in a bright burst of green. When in blooms, vines produce flowers that help draw attention away from the shape to focus more on the beauty of the space. For additional coverage, use two to three vines to ensure a thick and full coverage over the pergola. Plant the vines at the base of each post to grow up and over the post and onto the roof of the pergola. Overtime, the dense foliage will create a focal point to the space and the odd roofline will be completely covered.


Embrace the oddly shaped roofline by hanging a collection of decorative items like birdhouses from the roofline. Use colorful birdhouses against a white trellis to set of the bright colors and create a focal point to the space. Use a hook on each of the pergola slats to hang the houses for a secure mount. The peaked and slanted roof of a birdhouse echo the shape of an odd or slighted slanted pergola. Add color around the base of the pergola using flower filled containers. Plant a bright red geranium plant inside the containers to echo the red birdhouse and create a cohesive design.


Drape fabric like muslin or mosquito netting over the pergola roof to create a canopy over the odd roofline. Use weather-resistant material that can withstand the elements to ensure the material does not become moldy. Allow the material to drape down the roofline creating a billowing effect to the space and cover the odd shape. Use the remaining material to drape down each post to help frame the pergola and create a makeshift outdoor cabana.

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