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Yanmar is a Japan-based company that produces a variety of smaller tractors for agricultural use. Whether you need a tractor for doing odd jobs on your five-acre homestead or for performing some heavy agricultural labor on your large orchard, Yanmar most likely has a tractor that will perform well for you. Becoming familiar with its tractors will help you determine if one of them matches your farming operation.


Yanmar's Rubber Track Agricultural Crawler Tractor is a 79-horsepower tractor designed for you to use in orchards, vineyards and nurseries. The rubber tracks on this tractor spread the weight of the tractor across a wider surface area, which minimizes compaction of the earth as you drive over. Depending upon what sort of agricultural application you intend, the Crawler Tractor comes in a 52-inch width and a 65-inch width. Unlike most other crawler tractors that use levers to steer and change direction, the Crawler Tractor has a steering wheel to make it especially user-friendly.


Yanmar teamed up with Cub Cadet to produce its array of smaller tractors for use in landscaping and small farm needs. Yanmar's subcompact tractors, the SC Series, are its smallest and come with a 24-horsepower engine. The company's compact tractors include the 31-horsepower SX Series and the EX Series, which has 29-horsepower as well as 32-horsepower models. Yanmar's largest and most powerful group of tractors (the EX450 Series) have 45-horsepower, four-cylinder engines.


Yanmar's track tractor is red with white trim. The Yanmar logo (a curved V-shape over three parallel lines) and the tractor series number are located on a blue band on the side of the tractor. Because Yanmar produces its subcompact, compact and utility tractors together with Cub Cadet, these tractors all have the bright yellow Cub Cadet color with black trim. The names of both companies appear together on the side of these tractors, along with the tractor series number.


Yanmar tractors are small but powerful. Even the smallest group of Yanmar tractors--the subcompact series--comes with a liquid-cooled engine and three-point hitch, as well as a power take-off (or PTO) shaft to transfer power to attached implements such as a mower or tiller. Optional attachments useful for small-farm use include a front-end loader and a backhoe. Safety features include a full set of PTO shields and a foldable Roll-over Protection System (or ROPS) to reduce your chances of getting hurt if your tractor rolls over.


According to Yanmar's official website, some individuals attempt to sell gray-market Yanmar tractors in the United States. Manufactured for use in other countries, these Yanmar tractors typically don't have safety features required by the U.S. government, such as a ROPS, and may cause serious injury or death for the unsuspecting buyers who purchase them. If you're in the market for a new Yanmar tractor, make sure you get one from an authorized Yanmar dealer.

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