The Best Organic Produce Seeds

The dizzying array of organic seeds now available to today's gardeners can leave a novice bewildered. With a little research, patience and planning, even beginners can have a lush, bountiful garden, with all the produce grown from organic seed. You can find the best organic produce seeds from well-known and reputable organic seed companies.

Cherokee Purple Tomato

This variety of heirloom tomato is a favorite among tomato aficionados. An indeterminate variety that will require staking, Cherokee purple seeds produces beefsteak-sized fruits that ripen to a blush purple. Tomatoes are heavy and very sweet.


The stevia plant is the latest botanical offering on the sweetener market. Growing to about 1 foot tall, the ground leaves of this perennial can be used to sweeten meats, cereals or other dishes.

Anaheim Chile Pepper

This variety is a popular roasting and stuffing pepper. Peppers can be harvested green or red, with red peppers being hotter.

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Buttercrunch is a tightly bunched lettuce variety that resists going to seed, or bolting. Heads are 6 to 8 inches across and mature in 50 to 55 days.

Chiogga Beet

The Chiogga beet is currently very popular with gourmet restaurants for its distinctive candy-cane striping and delicate flavor. Plants mature in 55 to 60 days and should be planted in spring and fall to avoid bolting.

Dark Star Zucchini

This dark-green heirloom cross zucchini variety features a very long harvest period. Dark Star can be planted in late spring and matures in 55 days.

Imperial Black Beauty Eggplant

Maturing in 80 to 85 days, Imperial Black Beauty features rounded, plump eggplants that are 4 to 5 inches in diameter.

Provider Bush Bean

Well-known to gardeners, Provider is no misnomer. Plants are compact, growing to only 15 inches and produce an abundance of 5- to 6-inch pods until late into fall.

Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato

This heirloom variety has been in existence since the late 1800s. An indeterminate variety, bushes can grow to 8 feet or more and should be staked. Fruits are small and pear-shaped and feature a sweet, low-acid flavor.

Bright Lights Swiss Chard

With stalks of vibrant pink, orange and yellow, Bright Lights is a favorite of gardeners with a penchant for unusual vegetables. This chard grows between 12 and 24 inches and regenerates leaves after they are cut for a long harvest season.

Italian Large Leaf Basil

This popular sweet basil variety reseeds readily and can generate multiple new plants throughout the growing season. Individual plants are 18 to 24 inches tall and produce 4-inch leaves.

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