The Best Water Garden Fountains

Bring the relaxing sounds of water to your garden space with a water fountain. Create a pathway focal point with a fountain nestled along the path. Admire the serene sounds of the fountain as you stroll down the path. Install a small water feature nestled within a cozy patio space to create your very own private retreat. Watch as the tricking water attracts butterflies and provides a necessary refuge on a hot summer day.


Reduce your monthly electric bill by installing a solar water garden fountain. These wonderful water features are powered by the sun, and they do not require an electrician to install. The pump of the fountain has a built-in solar panel that helps to circulate the water in the fountain. This garden must-have is very affordable and lasts for many years. It is also ideal because it doesn't need to be placed near an outlet, meaning you can choose the perfect spot within your garden for the fountain. Have fun moving the fountain around for the ideal location.


A freestanding water fountain creates a central focal point to the garden space. It is designed to stand upright in the garden as the main attraction to the space. It looks lovely nestled within a garden courtyard or situated alongside an outdoor pergola or patio. In addition to its elegance, a freestanding fountain can be easily moved around the space for an attractive accent to the home.


Use a wall-mounted garden fountain in small spaces where land is limited. Install a wall-mounted fountain against a garden wall to cascade down into the receptacle below. Watch as the water drips down and saturates the wall for a lush and an exotic feel to the garden space. Add smaller vessels along the way to create a two- or three-tiered wall-mounted fountain. At the base, plant water flowers to gently float around the top of the water. Enjoy the peaceful sounds that the fountain brings to the garden space at night.

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