Alternatives for Hanging Plants

Hanging plants add a vertical presence to outdoor living spaces. The addition of a hanging floral display creates a decorative touch to unify the basket with the surrounding gardens for outdoor living spaces. Alternatives for hanging plants include a variety of containers that can be suspended to create a container garden. Hanging plants bring a splash of color to eye level, accenting special features of the landscape or defining a living space. Options for alternatives for hanging plants include solid pots, wrought iron baskets and special hangers to match indoor or outdoor décor.

Room Dividers

Hanging plants are attractive simply suspended from a hook in the ceiling. Consider placing a row of similar plants such as philodendron or ferns hung from a succession of hooks placed in a line. Stagger the type of plant or each hook to create a living room divider as a decorative addition to the home. Freestanding wood or wrought iron screens with individual smaller planter brackets also delineate space.

Macrame Hangers

Macramé plant hangers consist of knotted rope designed to hold the weight of a plant pot. Purchase macramé hangers at nurseries or garden centers. Some gardeners prefer to make their own plant hangers from thick twine or sisal. These decorative hangers have a loop on the top for hanging the holder from a hook. Designs include single plant holders as well as macramé holders that feature two or three sections for holding plants.

Wrought Iron Hangers

Alternatives for hanging plants include intricate wrought iron holders. These framed holders feature a circular area for pot placement with wrought irons arms extending upward for support. Suspend these holders from hooks to hang plants or from chain to place the plant at eye level.


No law exists saying a hanging plant needs to be suspended from the ceiling. Decorative brackets installed on walls or deck pillars provide a home for a hanging plant. Brackets mount to studs in the wall or railings to allow you to add hanging plants anywhere. Make sure the bracket can accommodate the weight of the pot. Plant weight increases when watering, so be sure to mount the bracket into the wall stud.

Hanging Shelves

If you have an abundance of plants to showcase, consider adding a hanging shelf to display your hanging plants. These shelves mount to the ceiling and have evenly spaced shelving suspended on a wire. This type of alternative for hanging plants increases the area for storing plants indoors directly in front of windows to capitalize on available light.

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