Examples of Garden Brick Walls

The design possibilities using brick to create a garden wall are endless. Use the bricks to create a customized wall with bending curves or commanding straight lines. Bricks are made in a wide range of shades, textures and shapes, making the brick a versatile material to use for creating your own interesting patterns and designs within the brick wall.

Brick Wall Fountain

Add the relaxing sound of tricking water along a brick wall fountain. A brick wall water fountain creates a cool and relaxing area inside the garden. The design is a decorative waterspout mounted over the brick wall to shoot water down to a vessel below. The vessel catches the water below and is circulated by a built-in pump. Add aquatic plants like water lilies over the fountain for a splash of color. Their pink and white blooms will add an unexpected touch to the brick wall.

Pierced Brick Wall

Pierced brick walls, a style of brick masonry that provides privacy around a home, is an alternative to large fences or natural hedge rows. The name "pierced" derives from the holes within the wall that are created or "pierced" by alternating bricks for a woven or lattice style. The holes within the brick wall also help to create airflow through the wall. All pierced brick walls have columns to support the wall. One way of incorporating columns is to build them into the wall so the brick wall is all one height. The other building method has the column built-in; however, this process brings the top of the column over the wall so that the column is the tallest point on the structure.

Retaining Brick Wall

Retaining brick walls are designed to keep soil in place and erosion at bay along banks and slopes. They are the ideal solution along any sloped piece of land that would otherwise be rendered useless for gardening and landscaping. Retaining walls look lovely along an outdoor patio to help frame the space and create a spot to plant a perennial or herb garden. Some retaining walls are also low enough to be used as an outdoor bench. This comes in handy when hosting parties and extra seating is needed.

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