How to Plant a Tree in Jerusalem


Planting a tree in Jerusalem can be accomplished in several ways. Whether you plant a tree with your own hands, provide funds for tree-planting or contribute to the care of existing trees, you are enriching the stock of fruit, flowering and shade trees in areas within and surrounding the city holy to Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.

Step 1

Plant a tree with your own hands through the Jewish National Fund in the US (Keren Kayemet Le Yisrael), at the Yad Kennedy (John F. Kennedy Memorial), located in the man-made Jerusalem Forest. Make an appointment to visit the tree planting center. JNF cautions that you must contact the center ahead of your visit; all staff works out on the grounds. The KKL/JNF also maintains a tree planting center close to Golani Junction in the Galilee area.

Step 2

Call or email the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, located on the grounds of the Knesset in Jerusalem, to find out about tree planting. Their planting program centers around the Tu Bshvat holiday (sometime in January), and increases the stock of tree with fruit and berries that sustain birds. The observatory is partly supported by the American Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and offers a variety of bird-focused activities.

Step 3

Adopt an existing olive tree through This fund contributes to the nurture of neglected oilive trees, which will not bear and thrive without specialized care. This multi-faith organization can arrange adoption of a tree for one year or more. Your thanks includes information about your tree and a bottle of olive oil!

Step 4

Plant a tree by proxy through the Jewish National Fund/KKL. Making a donation to the Fund increases their reforestation and conservation efforts. Ask whether you can specify the location of your tree.


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