Trellis Ideas for Hops

Who would have thought the key ingredient in making beer would look so elegant growing in the garden. Hops, a vigorous-growing vine, is a perennial that arrives every year to cover your outdoor trellis with beauty and style. Its bright foliage does an excellent job at framing outdoor structures like garden fences and walls. It effortlessly creeps up and over for a classic design addition to your outdoor space.

Tree Trellis

Use a large tree around your landscape as a trellis for growing hops. With their love of growing up towards the sun, the hops will creep up the tall tree in no time. The bright green hop leaf provides contrast to a tree trunk and creates a focal point to the outdoor space. To create a tree trellis attach garden hooks around the tree trunk for support. Space them out according to your design preference. For a straight and tall hops design, space them vertically up the tree every ten to twelve inches. As the vines grow up, attach their tendrils to the hooks to ensure a stable hop vine. Overtime the tendrils become stronger and the need for support is less.

Arch Trellis

Cover an arched trellis with a hop vine to frame an entryway to a backyard space. To create this inviting design, plant the hop vine in the ground and at the base of the arch. Use one vine on either side to ensure a thick and well-covered arch trellis. With their hardy and vigorous growth pattern, watch as the hops cover the arch trellis by the end of summer. Because these stunning vines are perennials, you'll have a vibrant vine-covered trellis every year to admire.

Wall Trellis

Use a patio or garage wall to mount a hop trellis. Golden hops with their lime green foliage, contrast beautifully with a white trellis. Not only does it frame the trellis but creates a focal point to an unused outdoor wall. Bring in potted perennials to balance the vine-covered trellis. Use green plants to echo the color of the hops and bring your eye into the space and around the design. Treat the blank wall as your canvas and the hops as your color.

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