Flowers That Bloom in Late Spring & Early Summer

Flower gardeners plan their gardens for spring, summer and fall blooming. Different flowers bloom at different times and are often in their glory for two weeks or longer. To keep a flower garden looking bright and cheerful through the warm months, plant flowers that bloom at different times near each other.


Bulbs are planted in the ground, and when the time is right, the flowers sprout and decorate the garden with their splendor. Tulips are well-loved early spring bulbs, but there are many late spring and early summer bulb varieties. Hardy gladiolus flowers are various shades of pink and red, so a group of them offers the beginning gardener variety. Dutch Iris usually come in shades of blue. Firecraker flowers have a unique shape. When in bloom, they sometimes gracefully bend and droop and look like bells.

Spring Shrubs

Shrubs are usually perennials; they are low to the ground and have many stems. Lilacs and meadowsweet are popular spring-blooming shrubs. Peonies are a spring shrub that will continue to look beautiful into summer.

Early Summer

As spring turns to summer, Deborah Brown of the "Star Tribune" recommends summer blooms with white petals to give the garden a cool look on a hot day. baby's breath and sweet alyssum both look like patches of snow from a distance. Summer snowflakes are early summer-blooming bulbs that look like bells.

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