How to Use Tiffany Garden Stepping Stones


Tiffany Garden is a book that illustrates how to make glass stepping stones along with full size patterns so you can duplicate their designs. To make these beautiful stones, you'll need to cut and grind stained glass, mix concrete and follow a pattern. You can use Tiffany Garden stepping stones in your garden, along a walkway or on your patio to add translucent color and timeless style to your outdoor living area.

Step 1

Place Tiffany Garden stepping stones as the main pathway from your patio to your garden. Space the stones uniformly to fit your stride. You can arrange the images on the stones in the one direction, or turn every other stone to be facing the opposite direction. This way, you can enjoy the stained glass images whether you are going to the garden or coming from the garden. It's not necessary, but you can bury the stones so that the tops are at ground level.

Step 2

Use Tiffany Garden stepping stones to decorate the border of your patio. Place the stones close together and bury them to ground level, so that they appear built in and part of the patio design.

Step 3

Place stained glass stepping stones to decorate the span of a plain wooden fence. You can install shelves along the fence line and prop the stones against the wall on top of the shelves. Secure the stones to the fence with waterproof construction adhesive. The vibrant colors of the stained glass stepping stones will transform your dull fence into a gallery of art.

Step 4

Place the brick style Tiffany Garden stepping stones as decorative markers in your garden. Some of the patterns in the book illustrate how to create stained glass words, so you can create stones with inspirational words or plant names. Place the brick shaped stones on their sides so that the stained glass is showing, or bury them face up to ground level.

Step 5

Encircle the base of a garden fountain or birdbath with Tiffany Garden stepping stones. You can bury the stones so that only the glass face is showing, or you can make surround the birdbath platform style.

Things You'll Need

  • Tiffany Garden stepping stones
  • Shovel
  • Measuring tape
  • Metal wall shelves
  • Waterproof construction adhesive


  • Tiffany Garden
  • Free Stained Glass Patterns

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