Garden Plants in Florida

Florida incorporates the USDA hardiness zones of 8 to 11, a very tropical and humid environment for plants. For garden plants in Florida they should be able to withstand temperatures of the climate. Some coastal areas should be salt tolerant and spray tolerant, but for the general community plants for Florida should be hardy. Check the cultivar carefully to make sure it is well suited for your area.

Rice Paper Plant

Rice paper plant, Tetrapanax papyiferus, is from the ginseng family and is an easy to grow shrub. Leaves are 10 to 15 inches wide and white flowers are in 3 feet long panicles. The blooms come in fall followed by black berries. The entire plant can reach 15 feet high and just as wide. Grow this plant in light shade with regular watering. Propagate via cuttings or by seed in USDA hardiness zones of 7 to 11.

Crepe Jasmine

Crepe jasmine, Tabernaemontana divaricata, is from the dogbane family and is a fragrant evergreen that is fast growing. Leaves are deep green and 6 inches long with white waxy flowers that are small, blooming in spring, but lasting all year off and on. The entire plant can get 6 feet tall. Grow this plant in any soil in sun or partial shade. Propagate via cuttings or seed in USDA hardiness zones of 9 to 11.

Bolivian Sunflower

Bolivian sunflower, Tithonia diversifolia, is from the aster/daisy family and is a fragrant fast growing perennial. Leaves are large, hairy, and get up to 14 inches long with fall blooming yellow-orange flowers 3 to 6 inches wide. The entire plant will get 16 feet high and 12 feet wide. Grow this in full sun in well drained soil and hot climates. Propagate via stem cuttings and seed, growing in USDA hardiness zones of 9 to 11.


Banana, Musa x paradisiacal, is from the banana family and is an evergreen easy to grow perennial. The entire plant can get 7 to 25 feet tall with large leaves and seedless fruits. Grow this one in full sun and moist rich soil. Propagate via suckers or rhizome division and grow in USDA hardiness zones of 8 to 11.


Cassava, Manihot esculenta, is from the spurge family and is a drought tolerant perennial shrub. Leaves are dark green and 12 inches wide on a plant that gets 20 feet high. Grow in poor soil in full sun in the day and afternoon shade. Propagate via stem segments and grow in USDA hardiness zones of 8 to 11.


Roselle, Hibiscus sabdariffa, is from the mallow family and is a fast growing annual. It gets 4 to 7 feet high with 6 inch wide dark green leaves and yellow flowers in October. Grow this in full sun with plentiful mulch and regular watering. Propagate via seed and grow in USDA zones of 8 to 11.

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