Flowers That Can Live With Direct Sunlight

Direct or full sun, defined as six or more hours of direct sunlight a day, provides the ideal growing environment for many brightly colored flowers. A sunny flowerbed, planted with a variety of annuals and perennials, creates a fiery display of vibrant color to add excitement and interest to any landscape. Fortunately, there are sun-loving flowers available in a wide range of colors, textures and heights to create the style you prefer.


Sunflowers prized for their stature and dazzling fall color, are drought hardy and thrive in summer sun. Available in a wide range of cultivars, from miniature foot high varieties to towering 15-foot giants, these striking flowers make a dramatic statement, drawing attention to your garden. Consider the many colors available, ranging from traditional golden-yellow to bronze and maroon. Plant tall varieties as backdrops for less showy flowers, or add miniature sunflowers to garden beds.


Zinnias create a dazzling display of color to sunny flowerbeds. Available in dwarf 4-inch plants to varieties that reach heights of nearly 3 feet, these daisy-like flowers bloom prolifically, producing masses of long-lasting color. Fiery reds and orange create a blaze of color in the summer sun, while subtle pinks and white are suitable for more subdued gardens.

African Daisies

African daisies produce masses of flowers, ranging in color from vibrant yellow and orange to delicate whites, pinks and lavender. When planted in masses, these hardy plants create a blanket of color that ripples in gentle breezes.


Nasturtiums add delicate fragrance and showy heart-shaped foliage. Blooms hover on a curved stem held above the foliage, creating movement and grace. These delightful flowers range in color from pale yellows and whites to brilliant hues of red, orange and salmon. They are available in dwarf varieties that create a mound of dense foliage, to climbers suitable for trellises or as trailing plants cascading from raised planters.

Echinacea: Coneflowers

Echinacea, once available primarily as purple coneflower, boasts a range of color from traditional lavender to pinks, whites, yellow, orange and wine. These striking blooms rest atop tall slender stems. Petals fold backward exposing dark centers, making this perennial ideal as focal point of your garden.

Shasta Daisies

Perennial Shasta daisy offers a sharp contrast to other brightly colored flowers with its pure white petals and yellow centers. Available in single and double bloom, Shasta daisies blend well with any grouping of flowers and make excellent cut flowers for use in the home. Crazy daisy, a more playful version of the traditional Shasta daisy, features a double bloom with frilled petals.

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