French Garden Gifts

The beauty of France lies not only in its museums, but also in its gardens. You can help the French garden lover in your life to fill the great outdoors with the spirit of "la belle France" with gifts from the lavender fields of Provence to the gardens of Giverny.

French Garden Books

Inspire your friend by giving him a coffee-table book about the gardens of Versailles or Giverny. The classic French garden style is formal, so books that teach formal garden techniques will be useful. Consider also a book on herb gardens or kitchen gardens.

French Plants

Give your French garden lover plants associated with France such as lavender and poppies, herbs such as French tarragon or vegetables such as Belgian endive and asparagus. Check with a local nursery to make sure that these plants are suited to your area. You can either give seeds or potted plants depending on the time of year.

French Plant Labels

Any garden will feel a little bit more French with French plant labels. You can buy these pre-printed for many French herbs or you can buy blank labels and make your own with the help of a French dictionary. For that true French flavor, add a sign which says "Pelouse interdite" or "Keep off the grass."

French Garden Gloves and Hats

Let your gardener feel truly French with garden gloves with toile designs in blue or red. Add a charming hat to keep out the sun and she can be just as healthy as she is fashionable. For a practical touch, give her a French mushroom knife to help with pruning and other garden chores.

Bridges and Topiaries

If you want to go all out, you can give your gardener a reproduction of the bridge at Giverny, which was made famous by Monet's paintings. If that is a bit out of your budget, consider getting some nice topiaries or a small arbor.

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