A List of the Variety of House Plants

Houseplants bring charm to the home and can serve to accent decor with a splash of color. Houseplants that bloom during the winter can lift the spirits of those longing for spring. When summer temperatures make the heat hard to bear, houseplants tend to invoke a cooling, relaxing feeling. No matter why you bring houseplants into the home, different plants have different needs. Given the large variety of houseplants available, you can find a variety that will thrive in the conditions your home provides.

Houseplants for Low Light

While most plants need a lot of sunlight to be healthy, there are many that can grow without a lot of light. Ferns, grape ivy (cissus), snake plant (Sansevieraa trifasciata), parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans) split leaf philodendron (Monstera deliciosa) and pathos (epipremnum) will all grow in low light, and are good options for corners and other out of the way areas of the room.

Houseplants for Medium Light

Medium light is also called indirect or diffused light. Most houseplants known for their flowers need full sunlight. However, the African violets, begonias, gloxinias, some orchids, the fuchsia and clivia will all bloom in medium light. Houseplants that flower and thrive in indirect sunlight conditions include the ficus, prayer plant, philodendrons, swedish ivy and piggyback plant. The wandering Jew, asparagus ferns and zebra plant also do well in indirect light.

Houseplants for Bright Light

Houseplants that like direct sunlight are perfect for areas of the home near a window, as long as the reflected heat doesn't scorch the leaves. Most flowering plants love strong light, including aloe, geraniums, Christmas cactus, sedum and poinsettia kalanchoe. The jade plant, wax plant and clerodendrum also thrive in bright light. During times of intense summer sunlight, you may have to relocate window plants on the south side of the house.

Easy to Grow Houseplants

Some people love houseplants, but can't be bothered to give them a lot of care and attention. There are even houseplants that can survive this type of owner. Devil's ivy, jade plant, goldenstripe, iron plant and the dwarf parlor palm can all grow with minimum maintenance. The Chinese evergreen and crown of thorns are also good options for the indoor gardener without a green thumb.

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