How to Plant a Memory Tree


Planting a memory tree creates a lasting memorial to a lost loved one. Memory trees can also celebrate the birth of a child, honor a local leader, or mark a personal or organizational anniversary. A variety of local and national organizations can facilitate tree planting, whether as a contribution to a local park or a gift to the reforestation of a national park.

Step 1

Contact your local parks department to determine whether they have a tree-planting program. This will enable you to visit your tree as often as you like. In some communities, tree-planting programs include memorial benches or contributions of shrubs to beautification of public spaces as well as trees. Other local tree-planters may include local nature centers, houses of worship, schools and universities. Use the same ideas to locate a program in the community where a distant and now deceased loved one lived or where a new grandchild will grow up.

Step 2

Explore national organizations that support reforestation in national parks. The nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation stands out among these and encourages trees planted in celebration as well as memorials.

Step 3

Examine tree-planting sites abroad to celebrate a heritage memorial. Tree-planting projects in Israel and Ireland, for example, and the U.N.'s Billion Trees Campaign are among a number of programs available.

Step 4

Make a completely local decision and plant a memory tree in your own yard. As with all landscaping, make certain you have room for mature growth. If so, you and your family can be very directly involved in both choosing, planting, and caring for your memory tree.


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