Plants for Landscaping

Use plants and colorful blooms to light up your landscape for a lush and inviting design. Bold foliage and unusual shapes soften the landscape to produce a gorgeous garden. Use plants to create a line of blooms to replace an existing fence or for bursts of added color around the landscape. Add different heights, widths and textures to create a balanced landscape and one that beckons your outdoors and into nature.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses are highly textured and visually appealing plants with a mound-like shape. Their stems cascade down for an ethereal effect to the surrounding landscape. Ornamental grasses help to define areas and are great at hiding ugly outdoor structures like electric boxes, so they become unnoticeable. Fountain grass, a type of perennial grass looks gorgeous lining a driveway or along a bank. As an accent plant among a flower border or nestled along a backyard patio, fountain grass produces flowers that change from a lily white to deep copper color. They also do well into the winter.


Evergreens are wonderful plants to grow throughout the landscape because of their strong and hardy abilities. As their name indicates, they are ever green, even in the cold winter months. Use evergreens along a garden wall to add height and privacy to the garden. Line a garden walkway with cedar trees for a stunning and fragrant landscape design. Low-growing evergreens like juniper bushes and arborvitae look lovely planted along a rock wall or on either side of a garden entryway. Evergreen trees and plants are also gorgeous during the seasons when wreaths and decorations are bountiful. Cut off sprigs of their fragrant branches to hang on a front door or fireplace mantle.

Perennial Flowers

Perennial blooms look gorgeous scattered throughout the landscape. Their ability to come back each year means you have long lasting and hardy blooms to admire throughout the growing seasons. Use tall perennial blooms like butterfly bushes to light up the yard with their full and draping blooms. Daylilies, another bright perennial flower, look lovely lining a front flowerbed or growing within a perennial garden. Iris, a tall and elegant perennial, is beautiful when planted along a garden or fence line as a bright backdrop to the space.

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