Herb Garden Gifts

Herbs have medicinal and aromatic properties in addition to their culinery uses. Gifts from a herb garden include aromatic offerings of candles, oils, sachets and potpourri. Decorative candles also can be created with stems and leaves from any variety of herb plants. Select herbs from your garden when they are the most fresh and freeze them to make gifts anytime during the year.

Aromatic Oils

Rosemary, lavender, sage and sweet marjoram are a few of the aromatic herbs that can be used to make aromatic oils. These garden gifts are simple to make, but they do require a time commitment. Make aromatic oils as gifts for crafters who enjoy candle making and soap making; essential oils may be used in both homemade products. Recipients also may combine aromatic oils from a herb garden with carrier oils, such as sweet almond oil, and heat them over a low flame for a softly-scented room.

Aromatic Candles

Another welcome herb garden gift is aromatic candles. Make the scented oils from the herbs, and mix some of the oil with the melted candle wax before pouring it into a mold. Friends and family will enjoy a sweet-smelling candle gift, especially if it is made from your garden.

Grunge Candles

A rustic grunge candle also can be made from the herb garden. Add the essential oil if you like, but the star of this candle is the herbs on the outside. You need not be a candle maker to decorate a candle with herbs from a herb garden. The process is simple: Melt a small amount of wax and brush it onto the sides of a candle. Roll the wet wax side in crushed or whole herb leaves and stems and the herbs will become part of the candle. Since aroma is not an issue for this candle, select herbs with decorative leaves such as sage and other herbs in the mint family.

Potpourri and Sachets

Homemade sachets are thoughtful gifts that can be made from many different herbs. Dry the herbs first, and then mix the leaves to create potpourri or fill a sachet. Thyme, mint and sage are all herbs that hold their scent and work well when combined with rosemary or basil for a potpourri. Lavender is a popular herb for sachets. To make the sachets, place the dried leaves into a silk or organza pouch and tie it with decorative ribbon.

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