How to Landscape Rose Bushes


Rose shrubs and bushes are versatile landscaping plants that provide dramatic summer and fall bloom as specimen plants and are an attractive complement to evergreen and other deciduous shrubs. Rose shrubs are equally attractive when planted single or in small groups but take on a very dramatic appearance when planted en masse.

Step 1

Select planting sites for your rose bushes that afford a full sun exposure daily. Lightly filtered afternoon shade can be tolerated by roses in warmer Southern climes without bloom being noticeably diminished.

Step 2

Plant rose bushes in nutrient-rich and well-drained soil where water does not pool on or in the soil. Do, however, plant roses at a site that can be easily be reached by a hose or other means of irrigation as sufficient deep watering is critical to healthy rose plants and robust bloom.

Step 3

Plant roses bushes with enough distance between the plants to allow for good air flow as this will help prevent some of the most common diseases to affect roses including mildew, rust and mold.

Step 4

Consider planting rose bushes inside a low ring or rectangle of evergreen shrubbery to disguise the less than attractive bare crowns of the rose plants year-round and the naked canes when the roses are dormant in winter.

Things You'll Need

  • Rose bushes of choice
  • Water
  • Evergreen shrubbery


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