Perennial Shade Flower Plants

Just because they prefer a shady spot to grow and flourish doesn't mean a perennial flower can't produce colorful and exotic blooms. In fact, there are many shade-loving and colorful perennials that amp up an outdoor landscape like no other. Shaded areas are also often neglected and forgotten. However, with a few perennial flowers and bushes, your once dark-and-dreary areas become a bold and beautiful spot to admire.


Native to the mountains, azaleas are a stunning perennial shade flower that come in a range of colors. Their fragrant and funnel-like blooms grow up to 10 feet in height. The bright and unusual colors include white, pale pink, coral, hot pink and deep pink or raspberry. Azaleas can live past 50 years of age, making them an ideal flower to use around your home. These stunners prefer well-drained soils and cool, shady positions along your house or under a shade tree. They begin blooming bold colors in the spring months, and you can cut the flowers to make an arrangement.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

This slow-growing perennial flower loves the cool confines of a shaded garden. With the ability to grow up to 8 feet in height, the oakleaf hydrangea looks lush tucked under your outdoor pergola or along your shaded garden walkway. The hydrangea's white delicate blooms begin their emergence in late spring and last through the summer. The deep-green foliage and lobed-shaped leaves eventually turn a crimson color, starting in the fall.


With their soft and layered petals, the camellia is a perennial flower that needs shelter from the sun to prosper. It's well-suited to cool areas where the soil is neutral to acidic. The rose-like blooms are often seen in white and pink; although, there are variegated varieties with unusual petals. The camellia is also a low-growing plant, reaching around 3 feet in height. The green foliage and bright flower heads produce an elegant plant. Use these lovely bloomers to brighten up any dark space around your home.

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