Annual Plants for Hanging

You can jazz up your front yard space with bright and cheerful annual blooms. Annuals are also a quick way to spice up hanging containers. They come in a wide range of bloom colors, shapes and heights, perfect for any size of outdoor landscape. With their ability to grow quickly, annuals help to fill in small and large areas with bold colors and unusual textures. Annuals also have a long blooming season, which lets you enjoy their vibrancy and beauty for many months.


Plant a colorful begonia inside a hanging basket for a gorgeous addition along a front porch or backyard patio. This hardy annual flower, when planted inside a hanging basket, quickly turns into a lush and billowing design. The bright green foliage and red blooms create a mound-like appearance inside the hanging container. This warm-weather annual also provides blooms late into summer and can grow up to 15 inches in height, making the begonia a stunning annual plant.


Hang a vibrant yucca plant for an unexpected burst of gold and green color. The banana split yucca, true to its name, resembles the arching shape of a banana and elegantly cascades down the container for a gorgeous design. Its bright leaves are tinged with pale green and grow up to 4 feet wide, making it a true showstopper. Yucca plants prefer well-draining soil (although, they can withstand drought) and produce white flowers beginning in the summer. Use this gorgeous plant hanging on either side of your front entry for a stunning welcome to your home.


Spice up your hanging container with a fresh batch of impatiens. With their bold blooms and bright foliage, these stunners are sure to brighten up any outdoor landscape. The colors of the impatiens blooms are vast and include a range of interesting shades, like coral, hot pink, deep orange and fiery red. The foliage does not disappoint, either, and comes in solid colors of green, bronze and burgundy. The blooms reach up to 3 inches in diameter, perfect for filling up a hanging basket.

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