How to Design Funeral Flower Arrangements


Funeral flower arrangements are designed to tastefully celebrate the life of the deceased. They also give those attending the service something to admire during the service or visitation. Funeral flower arrangements may contain flowers that were favorites of the deceased or other varieties that reminds the viewers of his lifestyle. Funeral flower arrangements are usually built by anchoring the flower and greenery stems in floral foam or Styrofoam instead of water-filled vases. This is because a vase of water can easily spill and damage funeral home furnishings.

Step 1

Fill a sink or bucket half-full with water and set a full-size brick of floral foam on top of the water. Allow the floral foam to absorb the water. Do not press down on the floral foam or it will not absorb the water correctly.

Step 2

Find a leak-proof container that is suitable for the arrangement. A basket with a plastic liner is a good choice, but anything that represents the lifestyle of the deceased is also appropriate -- as long as it does not leak. Test the container by filling with water and allowing it to sit for one hour if you are unsure about whether it is leak-proof.

Step 3

Remove the saturated floral foam from the water and cut it with the knife in such a way that it will fit firmly into the container. You may have to use more than one brick of foam -- add pieces from another saturated brick, if needed, to make the foam fit firmly. Allow the foam to extend one-half inch above the top of the container, then evenly slice it off at the top edge of the container.

Step 4

Add greenery as needed to create the overall shape of the arrangement by cutting the ends of the greenery and pushing the cut ends into the floral foam. Keep in mind that the arrangement will be viewed from only one side. The most popular shape for a funeral arrangement is a fan, or triangle shape made by adding longer pieces of greenery at the back of the arrangement and shorter pieces on each side. Be sure to create a balanced look and cover all the foam with greenery so the viewer cannot see it.

Step 5

Cut the stems of the flowers to an attractive length and push the cut ends of the stems into the foam. Use the larger flowers, such as roses or chrysanthemums, first, to continue with the fan or triangle shape. Place the longest flower in the middle and the shorter ones on each side. Fill the area between the larger flowers with smaller filler flowers. Do not space the flowers too closely, as a little space between them gives the arrangement a more natural look -- and also gives the viewer the ability to appreciate the beauty of each individual bloom.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral foam
  • Leak-proof container
  • Sharp knife
  • Floral shears
  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh greenery


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