Trees That Lose Their Leaves For Winter

Trees that lose their leaves in the autumn are known as deciduous trees. Trees go dormant in the winter when there is less available water. In the fall these trees will shed the parts that are vulnerable to freeze damage. A layer of cells grows where the leaves are attached to the tree and eventually the leaves lose all of their moisture and separate from the tree branch.


There are 13 different maple tree variations that grow in North America, and most of them are used to one extent or another for producing maple syrup or candies. The leaves have three main parts, traditionally seen on the Canadian flag, and turn bright reds and oranges in the autumn.


Apple trees, as well as other fruit trees, drop their leaves and go dormant through the winter, saving their strength for producing fruit throughout the warmer seasons of the year. Apples generally have arrow-shaped leaves that turn brown in the fall.


Cottonwood is a fast-growing tree known for spreading its cottony seeds in late spring. The leaves are wide at the base and narrow to a point. They generally turn golden brown before they fall off in the autumn.

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