How to Prevent Clogging of Small Pond Fountains


If you own a small ornamental pond, then probably one of the last things you want to deal with is cleaning and repairing a clogged pump. Pumps become clogged when debris lodges in the pump. The debris creates a blockage through which water cannot pass, which harms the pond's plant and animal life. Unlike your sink, your pond pump can't be fixed with an application of Drano. You can prevent clogs in your pond fountain with proper maintenance, which includes keeping the pond free of things that can clog them up.

Step 1

Add fish, like plecos, that suck slime off of the sides and bottom of a pond. This will help reduce the amount of smaller debris in a pond that causes clogs.

Step 2

Add beneficial bacteria to your pond to restrict algae growth. This will prevent algae from clogging the pond by overproduction.

Step 3

Visually inspect your pond daily and remove any visible debris. This will help reduce clogs by manually removing the culprits with a dip net.

Step 4

Strain debris from your pond directly after a storm or power outage. Storms cause problems by blowing debris into the pond that can cause a clog. Power outages create clogs when the cleaning equipment stops working. Straining debris with a dip net can reduce the chance for clogs during these times.

Step 5

Winterize your pond each fall before the leaves begin to drop. By covering your pond with a net, you prevent debris from falling into the pond during the season that this is most likely to occur.

Things You'll Need

  • Pleco fish
  • Beneficial bacteria
  • Dip net


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