How to Build a Garden Trellis Archway


Garden trellis archways decorate your garden in two ways. The archway works to separate one section of your property from another, or to offer a decorative touch in your yard. The side trellis frames of the archway provide support for climbing vines and plants, which can grow over and across the archway. You can build a garden trellis archway from copper pipe and copper tubing.

Step 1

Cut four 5-foot lengths and eight 4-foot lengths of copper pipe. These pieces will make the vertical side frames of your garden trellis archway. Cut six 12-inch lengths of copper pipe. These shorter pipes are the horizontal sections that will connect the vertical sides of the garden trellis archway.

Step 2

Connect a 5-foot length of pipe and a 4-foot length of pipe together with the straight ends of a T fitting. Solder the fitting onto the ends of each pipe to make the connection. Repeat this step three more times to make the bottom portion of the vertical sides of your garden trellis.

Step 3

Connect one of the remaining 4-foot lengths of pipe to each of the 9-foot sections with a copper T fitting. Make sure that the open end of the T's are all facing the same direction before you solder the pipes to the connector.

Step 4

Solder a T connector to the open end of each of the last 4-foot long sections of pipe that you added. The open end of the T's should be facing the same direction as the other T's on the same length of pipe. You should now have four copper pipes that measure 13 feet long each. The overall height of your garden trellis archway will not be 13 feet; 2 feet will be buried in the ground for stability.

Step 5

Place two of the 13-feet sections side by side. Line up the T fittings so that they are facing each other. Connect the two vertical sides together by soldering a 12-inch length of pipe into the facing T connectors. Repeat this step with the remaining two 13-foot sections.

Step 6

Cut two 7-foot sections of copper tubing. Bend each section into a semi-circle. Both semi-circles should be evenly matched.

Step 7

Connect one end of each semi-circle to the opening of the T connector at the end of each side frame. Solder the pipes in place. The semi-circles will form the archway for your garden trellis.

Step 8

Dig 2-foot deep holes for each of the vertical copper side poles. Stand the trellis in the holes. Mix the concrete and fill in around the copper poles to secure them in the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Copper pipe
  • Pipe cutter
  • Copper T fittings
  • Flux
  • Solder
  • Propane torch
  • Copper tubing
  • Shovel
  • Cement mix


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