Nifty Garden Gifts

Gardening, whether floral or vegetable, is an enjoyable hobby for many people living in both urban and rural locations. Planning the garden, planting and accessorizing the garden area means it's a hobby that can last all year long. Gardeners always have reasons to update or expand their garden, so help support your favorite gardening enthusiast with a nifty gift to make his garden even more enjoyable. Seeds, containers and accessories all make appropriate and appreciated garden gifts.

Personalized Flowerpots

Easy to do and novel to receive, a plain terracotta flowerpot can be personalized by simply giving it a chalkboard treatment. Paint the pot with two or three coats of standard chalkboard paint. Complete a set of three pots of different sizes. When dry, use colored chalks to draw a design on the surface to personalize. Provide the box of colored chalks along with your pots to complete this nifty gift.

Wind Chimes

No matter what style or size of garden, wind chimes always make a space more appealing. Go with a classic styled, high-quality wind chime, and stay away from the decorative smaller chimes. This will make it a more impressive and versatile gift that will sound lovely. Look for long metal chime tubes and wood or iron decorative accents and fittings. Complete the gift by helping place and hang the chimes.

Bird Feeders and Houses

Birdsong can make a garden come alive, and bird feeders and houses are thoughtful accessories to a home garden. When giving a bird feeder, include birdseed, and help hang the feeder. Birdhouses can come in all styles and levels of decorative finishes, so find one or two that match the style of the house or garden to give. Provide help hanging the birdhouses or attaching them to a post or tree. Butterfly and bat houses are two more garden options that will encourage beautiful and beneficial wildlife to keep your friend's garden blooming and bug-free.

Garden Seeds

Even a fully planted garden area can benefit from some extra inspiration, and wildflower or butterfly garden seeds can give your green-thumbed friend a reason to expand her domain. Usually available in a seed blanket, which is a biodegradable pad filled with seeds, or in a shaker, specialty garden seeds like these make terrific gifts that give all season long. Put together a seed shaker for a butterfly garden along with a variety of sunflower seeds to get a new gardener started and enthusiastic about designing an outdoor space.

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