Rose Planting Instructions


There are few plants that are as aromatic and breathtakingly beautiful as roses. Gardeners use roses for everything from floral arrangements, aromatherapy oils and even a warm tea, made from the rose hips. Many, however, simply enjoy the beauty that comes from having them in their yard. If you want to enjoy some roses, they are very easy to plant and can be put in the ground as soon as you can work the soil in the spring.

Bare Root Roses

Step 1

Soak the root system in a bucket of water for 12 hours before planting.

Step 2

Take the shovel and dig a hole that is 3 to 4 inches wider than the root system of the roses.

Step 3

Make a mound of soil in the middle of the hole, and pile it halfway up the hole. Mix bonemeal, which will help promote root growth, into the mounded soil.

Step 4

Gently spread the roots over top of the mound, and fill the hole 2/3 full with dirt.

Step 5

Water down the soil and wait for the water to drain out. Add more soil, and then more water. Continue this process until the soil level is now even with the top of the ground.

Step 6

Place a moist burlap bag over the rose bush, and leave on for two weeks, or until new shoots begin to appear. This is a process called "sweating" the roses, which encourages new growth and is only done once, when a rose bush is first planted.

Potted Roses

Step 1

Dig a hole approximately 3 inches wider, and 2 inches deeper, than the pot. Sprinkle bonemeal into the bottom of the hole.

Step 2

Lay the pot on its side and tap it several times to loosen the root ball.

Step 3

Gently remove the roses from the pot and place down in the hole.

Step 4

Water the roots, then wait for the water to drain.

Step 5

Fill the entire hole with soil, and water again. Repeat this process until the soil no longer settles down into the hole when the plant is watered.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep the burlap bag moist when sweating the roses, or the heat can damage the shoots.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket of water
  • Shovel
  • Bonemeal
  • Burlap bag


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