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The worse that the economy gets, the more it makes sense for homeowners and others with access to land to plant gardens and grow food. Many people who are out of work and very short on money can supplement their diet with food grown in their own backyards. Beginning a garden can cost a bit of money, however, and people in the poorest conditions may not even have money for garden seeds. There are many places that will supply free seeds to home gardeners wanting to grow food, and most of them are available just by sending an email to a website online.

America the Beautiful Fund

This group, through Operation Green Plant, saves seeds that would otherwise be thrown away and sends them to people who need them. In order to get the free seeds, you must write a letter explaining why you need the seeds and how you're going to use them. You can then download the application and fill it out. Send both of these things, along with a check for shipping costs, and mail it all to Operation Green Plant.


The Freecycle Network is a group of forums connected to communities. Members write posts detailing what they have to give away free, and what they need to have. Join in a local freecycle board or two and post that you need garden seeds. The odds are good that many people will be willing to donate seeds, as most people don't use all of the seeds in any packet that they buy.

Save your own seeds

A great number of vegetable plants can be grown from the seeds of just one piece of food. Purchase one small tomato or pepper and you can have seeds for dozens of plants. Rinse and dry the seeds correctly, and store them in a cool dry place if you are not going to plant them right away.


The Gardenweb website has a seed exchange forum. Members sign up to post on the forum, and ask for what they need or offer what they have. Many times members will post that they have extra seeds from their packets and are giving them away to anyone who wants them.

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