Wedding Bouquet Ideas: Tiger Lilies

The wedding bouquet is one of the first decorative pieces you notice when the bride walks down the aisle. It is the item that a bride tosses during a reception and uses to accessorize the wedding dress. A large and gorgeous flower to use inside this wedding essential is the tiger lily. This flower's draping bloom head and magnificent range of colors creates a vibrant wedding bouquet design.

Colorful Mix

A colorful mix of bright blooms adds a stunning contrast to a white or pale-colored wedding dress. To create a bold and colorful arrangement, use red tiger lilies in a wedding bouquet. Around the lilies, add two to three medium-sized sunflowers for an added unexpected touch. For texture, add a few sprigs of red hypericum berry. These bright sprigs coordinate with the red lily and help to fill in the bouquet. Around the sides of the colorful mix, add stems of pale green eucalyptus and savory sage. Their rounded leaves contrast with the blooms while balancing out the wedding bouquet and creating a fragrant design.

Pastel Mix

Create a pastel wedding bouquet using white tiger lilies. These large flower heads open up to display a specking of deep brown on the inside petals. Around the white tiger lilies, add green anthuriums. Their bright green flowers contrast with the surrounding flower blooms and are hard to bruise, making them a long-lasting flower to add to the arrangement. In between the lilies, add dendrobium orchids for an exotic look to the wedding bouquet. Toward the bottom of the bouquet, nestle in a few pale peach rose stems for fragrance and texture. Keep with the pastel design, and wrap the wedding bouquet with a pale green silk ribbon.

Fall Mix

Create a vibrant fall wedding bouquet using orange, red and yellow tiger lilies. To create this gorgeous bouquet, start with the orange tiger lily as the focal point. The sherbet-colored petals fringed with pale yellowish orange resemble a magnificent sunset. Surrounding the lilies, add deep red roses and peonies for richness and texture. Use mango callas with their two-toned petals to fill in the bouquet and add a soft texture for a luxurious, fall-inspired bouquet.

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