How to Build a Trellis Patio Roof


A trellis supports climbing plants such as grape vines, tomatoes or climbing roses. When used in a garden, a trellis prevents fruit from spoiling by keeping it off the ground. A trellis pulls double-duty when constructed on the margins of a patio by providing shade and a place for plants to grow upright. Visitors to your patio can enjoy the greenery and a cool retreat from the hot summer sun at the same time.

Step 1

Measure the locations for the four trellis supports and mark their locations on the patio using chalk.

Step 2

Drill holes for post anchors in the masonry of your patio using a masonry bit.

Step 3

Place post anchors onto the floor of the patio and place anchor bolts through the post anchors and into the drill holes of your masonry. Attach firmly using a socket bit.

Step 4

Place 6-by-6 posts into your post anchors and attach with galvanized wood screws.

Step 5

Check that the tops of your posts are level with a carpenter's level.

Step 6

Lift two 6-by-6 posts to the top of your 6-by-6 supports to form two parallel crossbeams. Drill through the crossbeams and the center of your supports with a 7/16-inch bit to a depth of 9 inches.

Step 7

Place 10-inch lag bolts through the 9-inch hole in the support and crossbeams and attach firmly with a wrench.

Step 8

Lift five, 4-by-4 pieces of timber to the top of your trellis and space them evenly across the crossbeams to form rafters.

Step 9

Drill 6 inches through the rafter and crossbeam at the point that they connect using the 7/16-inch bit. Connect the rafters to the crossbeams using a 7-inch lag bolt by placing the bolt into the hole you just drilled and fixing it firmly with a wrench.

Step 10

Place lattice paneling against the sides of the trellis posts. Attach along the outer edges of the paneling using wood screws and a Phillips head screwdriver bit.

Step 11

Plant climbing plants around the lattice sides of your trellis. As the vines spread up the sides and across the top of your trellis, they will form a roof.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
  • Drill
  • 7/16-inch masonry bit
  • 4 anchor bolts
  • 7/16-inch drill bit
  • Socket bit
  • Galvanized wood screws
  • Phillips head screwdriver bit
  • 6 6-by-6 posts
  • 4 post bases
  • Carpenter's level
  • 4 10-inch lag bolts
  • Wrench
  • 5 4-by-4 boards
  • 10 7-inch lag bolts
  • 2 sheets of wooden lattice
  • Vine plants


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