Backyard Water Feature Ideas

Add tranquility and serenity to your backyard by incorporating a water feature. Water features can be created using a few simple ingredients or bought already designed. Use backyard spaces like patios and pergolas to nestle a relaxing and moving feature to the space. Add stones and aquatic plants around the fountain for a decorative addition to the backyard landscape.

Small Feature

Create a small scale water feature around a backyard pergola or arbor for a babbling fountain to enjoy while relaxing in your outdoor space. Use a water tight container fit with a water pump and filter to create your own water feature. Add a spout and fresh water and you have your own small water feature to nestle alongside the pergola. Sprinkle fresh water lilies and water lettuce to float on top of the feature and add a burst of color. Aquatic plants also help to oxygenate and keep the water feature clean.

Rustic Feature

Nestle a rustic concrete water feature inside your perennial garden. Concrete features are made in a range of sizes and shapes to fit inside your garden. They are also simple in design and don't take away from the beauty of the existing garden. Add a tall slender feature inside the center of the garden to shoot out of the flower bed for a commanding design. Watch as song birds and butterflies fly through the water to cool off and drink. Water features area also ideal because surrounding flowers are dappled with excess water keeping them moist during the hot summer months.

Water Vessel

Add a water feature sitting atop a rock-covered vessel along a backyard patio. Create a basin within the patio for catching the water from the fountain and creating a shallow pool around the rocks. Watch as the water trickles down the water feature and into the rock-covered basin, creating a focal point within the backyard patio. Around the basin, nestle a small pot filled with water grass to add a burst of green color and contrast to the feature.

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