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Bring blooms from the garden into your home and design arrangements to enjoy or share with others. It is important to understand what type of tools and flowers you will need to add a floral arrangement hobby to your gardening experience.

Cut Flowers

Gather flowers early in the morning before the water and nutrients have depleted from the plant. Cut the stems on a slant with a sharp knife or garden shears and immediately place them into water before storing in a cool dark room to harden off.


The gardener needs a container filled with water or floral foam soaked with water to arrange flowers in. A sharp knife is the main tool needed to cut the stems for the flowers.


Floral arrangements can be designed in an L, horizontal, circle, vertical, crescent, fan and triangular shapes. Line, focus and filler flowers are important to the shape of the design.


Garden flowers of all sizes and color can be used in a flower arrangement unless it has a particularly fragile blossom or offensive odor. Spring blooms, shrubs, perennials and annuals are appropriate garden flowers for arrangements.


A gardener can share vases and flower arrangements with family, friends and neighbors. Make floral designs as centerpieces, gifts and funeral pieces--or simply as decorative touches.


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