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A greenhouse can be a stylish way to ensure fresh flowers and quality produce all year long, even if the local climate is not friendly to plants. Using a greenhouse, create the perfect place for plants to grow and produce beautiful artisan flowers, fruits and vegetables. A budding greenhouse gardener and advanced horticulturist can both benefit from adding a well-designed greenhouse to a gardening and growing area.


A greenhouse is a structure made of wood, glass, or metal which helps create a protected, controlled area in which plants can be grown. Greenhouses can be used to grow many types of plants, including orchids, tropical flowers, and food plants like oranges, peppers and lettuce.


Greenhouses are often made up of a frame to support the structure and windows that allow ventilation and light into the greenhouse. Advanced greenhouse gardeners may use heating and insulation to further control the climate inside the greenhouse. Inside a greenhouse, a gardener will use soil containers, shelves or hydroponic equipment to grow many lush plants within the tight area. Greenhouses must be placed in an area that receives a great deal of sunlight to make sure all of the plants in the greenhouse have an opportunity at sunlight.


A greenhouse can grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Flowers well-suited for greenhouse life include geraniums, fuchsias, freesias, and succulent plants. Types of food plants which thrive in greenhouses include tomatoes, eggplant, cantaloupes and cucumbers.


A greenhouse can be used to house more delicate plants that do not grow well in the natural local environment. A good greenhouse can be built to provide an ideal growing environment for even the most sensitive plants.


When a greenhouse gardener is designing a greenhouse for a garden in which looks are important, attention to blending the greenhouse into the landscape is key. While greenhouses constructed of aluminum are a cheap way to go, wooden greenhouses can have a more natural look that better blends into most outdoor gardens.

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