Plants and Flower Gifts

Plants and flowers differ from traditional gifts in basic ways. A gift of flowers or a plant tells the recipient you chose an item specifically to care for and provide a constant reminder of the occasion. Plants and flower gifts help reduce stress and send a distinct message with beautiful foliage, flower and fragrance, according to the Kansas State University Department of Horticulture. Choosing plant and flower gifts involves picking items that are tailored to the individual based on plant care needs and knowledge of the home environment.

Bulb-Forcing Kits

Flower bulb forcing kits can be given as gifts to anyone, including an inexperienced gardener. These kits come with a tapered glass jar and flower bulbs as well as instructions for forcing the bulbs to root indoors. The entire process takes about 12 weeks to produce lovely blooms such as white narcissus, daffodil or crocus. This flowering gift will provide a lasting impression and the opportunity to force more bulbs in the future.

Low-Maintenance Houseplants

A host of low-maintenance plants exist to choose the absolute perfect plant for any type of person or location. Houseplants last considerably longer than cut flowers and offer a lasting sentiment to the recipient. Low-light plant varieties such as dracaena (corn plant) or ivy will multiply over time to create potential transplants far into the future. Flowering varieties of plant such as African violets offer a whimsical, delicate flower for those bright sun areas in the home.


Cut flowers offer a more traditional gift to mark a special occasion. Roses, carnations, iris and greenery serve as the primary types of cut flowers available for reasonable prices from growers and garden centers. Tropical cut flowers cost considerably more than traditional flowers but often add a personal aspect to the gift giving, especially if you choose a rare flower for the recipient. Cut flowers provide a special person that immediate gift to enjoy and remember. Select a special vase to mark the occasion as a permanent reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Herb-Growing Kits

The latest range among floral gift giving lies in the herb garden. Garden centers offer portable, compact home herb gardens that include pots, trays, seed and soil right in the package. This thoughtful gift will provide herbs for use around the home, offering the perfect gift for the gardener during the cooler months of the year.

Edible Arrangments

A new type of flower gift has arrived on the scene. While not technically a flower, edible arrangements consist of a vase of fruits cut into flower shapes. Strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes and melon are attached to plastic spikes inserted into Styrofoam plant foam. Family and friends will appreciate this thoughtful, practical gift. A new arrangement can be created for future parties by cutting fruit to use with the spikes, foam and vase.

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