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Many varieties of figs, especially Black Mission figs and Brunswick figs (two common varieties for home growers), are easy to start from cuttings and just as easy to plant outdoors. Take cuttings from wood that is no more than two seasons old and which is about the diameter of a pencil. Cuttings should be harvested in late fall. When taking cuttings be careful not to get the milky white sap on your skin as many people are allergic to it. Root your cuttings indoors, following the directions in this article. When planting your fig cuttings be sure to choose a sunny location which receives direct sunlight for at least eight hours each day. Plant fig trees at least 10 feet apart.

Step 1

Take cuttings from a fig tree that are about 10- to 12 inches long. Cuttings should be from wood that is one to two seasons old. Remove the leaves. Cut a small X in the cut end of the cutting to encourage root growth and plant the cutting approximately 6 inches deep in a growing pot with a 50/50 mixture of vermiculite and garden soil.

Step 2

Cut the bottom off of a 2-liter soda bottle and place the bottle over your fig cutting as a miniature greenhouse. Keep moist until leaves begin to grow. Remove the greenhouse once leaves sprout and allow your cuttings to grow for a full growing season indoors, until roots are firmly established.

Step 3

Harden your cuttings to the outdoors before actually planting them. This consists of taking your cuttings outdoors in containers during the day and bringing them back in at night for 14 days.

Step 4

Choose a sunny location that receives at least eight hours of good, strong sunlight each day. Dig a hole twice as big as the root ball of your cutting. Mix humus into the soil until there is at least 1/3 humus. Plant the cutting so that the root ball is just under the level of the soil and lightly pack the humus/soil mixture around the roots, being careful not to break the roots as you lightly pack the soil.

Step 5

Build up a watering basin around your cuttings approximately 12 inches in diameter. Water your fig cutting thoroughly. Keep the ground moist but not soggy. You should start noticing new growth within two to three weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Fig cuttings
  • 2-liter soda bottle
  • Vermiculite
  • Spade
  • Humus


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