Flowers That Are Like Daisies

The daisy is a flower that comes from the Aster family of plants and has other flowers that closely resemble it in appearance. Daisies have a single flower head that develops on top of an erect stem. They possess a base area surrounded by petals called rays, which are typically white. Other cultivated flowers, as well as some wildflowers, have these same features, but come in a much wider array of colors than the daisy.


Since the daisy is from the Aster family, it makes sense that some asters are very much like daisies. One cultivated type that fits the description is the Blue Autumn Aster, which has bluish-purple petals around a yellow center. Butterflies find this flower appealing, and they will flock to it in your garden. The Blue Autumn Aster blooms in the fall, adding some color to your garden late in the season. This flower thrives in a spot that has shade in the morning hours and then full sun later in the day. Asters bloom in the late summer and well into fall in nearly every part of the U.S. As many as 150 different species grow wild.

Black-Eyed Susans

Another Aster that is both a popular wildflower and cultivated flower is the Black-Eyed Susan. It has a very strong similarity to the daisy in many ways, having the same flower design, erect stem and leaves at its base. The Black-Eyed Susan can withstand dry soil conditions for extended periods and grow well in the full sun. A perennial flower of the late summer, the Black-Eyed Susan, which has yellow petals around a brownish middle, usually brings butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. While they grow in bunches in the wild, you can use species such as City Garden, Early Bird Gold and Henry Eilers for your backyard.


The Asters also boast the coneflowers, of which there exist many kinds growing wild, as well as several cultivated varieties. These stout blooms are like the daisy but have a much larger middle, and they have larger petals around it. The colors are seemingly endless, with many combinations from which to choose. For example, the cultivar known as Harvest Moon is golden in the center with yellow petals. The cultivar of coneflower called Merlot has deep pink petals that highlight its much darker center. Purple and yellow coneflowers are a common sight growing wild across much of the United States.

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