The Best Garden Vegetables

Vegetable gardens for the novice or the expert enable the grower to choose his or her favorite vegetables for growing, eating fresh off the vine or to be used for canning or freezing for winter. Some vegetables are easier for new gardeners to grow, while some may require a bit more care and knowledge in order to ensure a bountiful harvest. Some favorite and common vegetables are some of the easiest to grow, requiring little more than adequate water, some shade and some care and attention from the home gardener.

Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are among the easiest for many gardeners to grow, as they require only good soil and adequate watering from the gardener to ensure growth. Favorites include radishes, onions, and carrots. Plant seeds according to instructions on seed packets, give them a combination of sunshine and water, and such veggies offer a summer of good eats from your own backyard.


Vegetables that grow on vines are also some of the best, and don't require too much time or care. Tomato plants are a favorite for many gardeners, who only need to take some care choosing the best spot to plant. Choose sunny locations and you should be all right. Tomato plants are hardy, sturdy and require a minimum of care and effort once they start to grow.


All types of greens such as varieties of lettuce and spinach are easy for novice gardeners to grow. Adequate water and regular harvesting of leaves or the entire plant make these green vegetables easy and quick. Make sure to plant plenty of these, as they'll be used every day in summer for everything from sandwiches to dinner vegetables every night.


Squash plants require a bit of elbow room, but once they start growing will yield an unbelievable amount of summer and fall vegetables for gardeners. Some of the best are zucchini and yellow squash, as well as spaghetti squash and other types of gourd squash that require little more than daily watering and adequate sunshine.

Green Beans

Green beans are also a gardener's delight, from yard-long Chinese varieties to standard green bean species. Easy to grow, the gardener must create some type of trellis for them to grow, and then watch as the vine tendrils grow longer every day, ensuring a bumper crop of beans that are suitable for immediate consumption to use for canning or freezing.


What would a garden be without corn? Sweet corn continues to be a favorite among many, but so also are several dwarf varieties. Corn needs to be planted to they can cross pollinate, and then require adequate watering, but that's all you have to do. Sit back and watch the stalks grow. Remember the old adage, "Knee high by the fourth of July," and you'll be ready for some of the best tender corn you've ever tasted.

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