How to Build Your Own Backyard Fountains


Water features in gardens and yards add a touch of nature and serenity to the space. Fountains purchased at gardening centers are expensive. Instead of saving up to buy a mass-produced fountain for your yard, use a few inexpensive products to build your own backyard fountain, and give your yard a personal touch.

Step 1

Purchase five terra cotta flower pots in five different sizes. Three of the pots will be right side up. Two pots will be placed upside down. Keep this in mind when choosing your pots, and make sure that one pot, when turned upside down, fits into the largest pot; and one pot, when turned upside down, fits into the second largest pot.

Step 2

Use foam sealant to fill the drainage hole in the largest pot. Allow the foam to dry completely before moving on.

Step 3

Place the pump into the large pot, and let the cord hang over the side. Put the terra cotta feet into the largest pot, and place one pot upside down onto these feet. Attach the plastic tubing to the pump, and run it upwards, through the drainage hole in the upside down pot. Hold the plastic tubing in place and seal the opening with foam sealant.

Step 4

Perch the next largest pot on top of the upside down pot, so that they are bottom-to-bottom. Run the plastic tubing through the drainage hole, and seal with foam sealant.

Step 5

Place another pot into this one, upside down. Pull the tubing through the drainage hole, and seal with foam sealant.

Step 6

Put the final pot on top of the upside-down pot. Pull the tubing through, and seal the drainage hole with foam sealant.

Step 7

Attach the flow-control valve to a few inches from the end of the plastic tubing.

Step 8

Plug the pump in to a grounded outlet. Fill the largest pot with water until the pots all overflow. Adjust the flow as you desire. Refill as needed, because water will be lost to evaporation.

Things You'll Need

  • Five terra pots in five different sizes
  • Water pump
  • Power cord for pump
  • Flow control valve
  • Terra cotta feet or wooden blocks for bottom pot
  • 1-inch diameter plastic tubing
  • Foam sealant


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