Easiest Plants to Propagate in Water

Propagating plants from stem cuttings provides a supply of young plants identical to the mother plant. This method requires little effort other than making the cuttings and is a great way to salvage overgrown houseplants or tender annuals that will not survive the winter in your location. Saving cuttings when you prune or cut back outside plants and rooting them in a glass or vase of water set on a sunny windowsill increases you supply of plants for all your gardening needs.

Wax Begonia

Begonias root quickly. These tender annuals can be grown outside during mild weather and over-wintered as houseplants. Their delicate blooms create a profusion of color and their waxy green or bronze foliage makes them ideal for brightening shady areas or adding atmosphere to your home. Take stem cuttings at any time and root in vase of water.


Brilliant coleus is a favored houseplant, as well as, a bedding plant. Available in varieties suited for both full sun and shade, coleus adds bold color to any landscape. Stem cuttings taken during periods of active growth produce roots in a matter of days.

German Ivy

Ivy cuttings take root quickly providing lush green foliage for hanging baskets and containers. Take stem cuttings in fall and root in water. Pot up rooted cuttings in 2-inch pots to create new plants for next season's display.


Brightly colored geraniums require cutting back in the fall when brought inside for the winter, but do not throw those clippings away. Root geranium cuttings in water on a sunny windowsill and pot them put for a supply of young plants for setting out in the spring.

Wandering Jew

Available with foliage in deep green, variegated green and white, or purple, white and green, Wandering Jew creates visual interest as a house plant or added to containers and hanging baskets. This vining plant reaches lengths of several feet under proper care and roots quickly in water. Take cuttings during periods of active growth.

Swedish Ivy

Prized for its scalloped foliage and lush green growth, Swedish ivy makes an attractive hanging plant inside the home. This rapid grower can be rooted with stem cutting nearly any time of the year. Roots form quickly and new growth flourishes.


Impatiens create a mound of color in flowerbeds, but are often grown as houseplants as well. These colorful plants are available in a wide range of colors from pale pastel pinks to brilliant reds. Stem cutting from impatiens root quickly. Take cuttings during periods of active growth for best results.

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