Flowers That Grow in a Garden

The flowers that you can grow in your garden are limited only by the climate. Gardeners in very cold locations have less of a variety of flowers to choose for their garden. Those who live in warmer climates have a wider variety. There are some flowers that are known and loved the world over. Their adaptability and hybrid varieties make them excellent choices for growing in most gardens.


The rose is considered to be the most romantic flower of all time. There are basically three types of rose bushes that grow in gardens: hybrid tea roses, climbing roses and miniature roses. There are many varieties within these types. If you would like a rose bush that will supply you with long-stemmed beauties, then choose a hybrid tea rose that florists use in flower arrangements. This bush produces plenty of flowers to cut for your indoor use. If you would like to cover a trellis or an archway, choose a climbing rose plant. For use along walkways in your garden, choose a miniature rose. You may also pot the miniatures and place them within the garden.


Sunflowers are more popular than ever because of the many hybrids available. This means that small and large gardens can accommodate the essence of the original, heirloom sunflower. For the very tall sunflowers, choose Skyscraper (12 feet), Mammoth Russian Stripe (8 feet) or the Dove Black Olive (hybrid, 12 feet). All three of these sunflower varieties produce seeds that feed the birds and other wildlife. They can also be roasted in your oven for an edible snack. Autumn Beauty is a medium-sized sunflower plant that grows 5 to 6 feet tall, with a mixture of autumn colors. Velvet Queen is another mid-sized plant, growing from 4 to 6 feet at maturity. It has a dark red (crimson flower. Smaller versions of the sunflower include Dwarf Sunspot and Teddy Bear, both of which grow up to 3 feet in height.


The most popular bulb flower must be the tulip. With over 3,000 varieties available, you are bound to find a color and style that is just right for your garden. The only stipulation to being successful at growing tulips is to plant the bulbs in a well-drained soil. That means if you live in an area with a clay-based soil, you should work compost into the soil before planting. There is no doubt that the basic red, pink, yellow and white tulips are commonly seen in gardens throughout the United States and many other countries. However, you may choose a variety or two that are not as common, such as a parrot tulip variety (Black Parrot, Texas Flame or Apricot Parrot) or a triumph tulip variety (Bing Crosby Triumph, Barcelona Triumph or Golden Melody Triumph).

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