Five Most Common Flower Petals

Flowers are most commonly distinguished by their petals, the showy "leaves" that give color and brilliance to each plant. Petals for every flower are unique in color, size and shape, and the number of petals a flower has determines the plant's classification. There are several things we associate flower petals with: love, food, decoration, seasons and special occasions.

Rose Petals

Roses have long since been a symbol of love and affection. Rose petals are often used in weddings to mark the path of the bride along the runway, as confetti to shower the bride and groom or in baskets or sprinkled on tablecloths for elegant decoration. Another trait that makes roses so popular is that rose petals are edible; a darker color denotes a more prominent taste.

Oxeye Daisy Petals

The oxeye daisy can be found all over North America, into Canada and other regions. It's considered a weed and grows prolifically. The oxeye daisy has been used for ages to play the whimsical game, "He loves me, he loves me not." It's hard to come across an oxeye daisy and not play it out to the end.

Pansy Petals

Pansies are another flower that is grown easily and hardily all across North America. These flowers typically grow disease- and pest-free both indoors and out. Pansy petals are also edible and are available in medium, large and multifloral sizes.

Orchid Petals

Orchid petals come from the most fascinating plants. These flowers grow naturally in the tropics, often in the tops of trees. Some Australian varieties grow entirely underground. The intrigue with orchids is largely due to the fact that many orchids must grow for 5 to 7 years before producing their first flower petals. Orchid petals are aromatic, colorful and often used in making Hawaiian leis.

Plumeria Petals

The petals of the plumeria are also very often used in making Hawaiian leis. Their fragrance is considered to be sweet and intoxicating. These plants typically grow only in areas where the weather is mild, or tropical. Plumeria petals are available in a variety of colors including yellow, white, pink, red and pastels. These are one of few flower petals that maintain their color and do not immediately wilt.

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